Financial Literacy

In line with its Statute, the Czech Economic Society is active in the area of strengthening financial and, more generally, economic literacy. So far the CES has focused primarily on financial education and economic education in schools.

The CES' Vice-President, Michal Skorepa, has co-authored the textbook "Financial and Economic Literacy" (three samples from the Student's Book can be inspected lower on this page). The Czech National Bank as the institution in charge of protection (and thus also education) of consumers in financial markets has supported the use of this textbook in Czech schools - details of this project are described at Apart from schoolchildren, also their parents and other adult readers may use this textbook to improve their financial and economic literacy.

Mr. Skorepa has been a lecturer in numerous seminars for teachers during which, on the basis of the textbook, some more difficult topics are clarified and discussed. The seminars are organised by the Czech National Bank in cooperation with various institutions in the area of teachers' further education. Dates, times and venues of past as well as future seminars can be found at

Mr. Skořepa has been delegated by the Executive Committee of the CES to represent the Society in the Working Group for Financial Education. This group, working under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, has prepared the country's "Strategy of Financial Education".

Last but not least, one of the sessions within the CES' 5th Biennial Conference was devoted to the education of economic topics in Czech secondary schools. The Society intends to reserve one session to educational issues also within its future biennial conferences.

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