Membership fees

The membership fee for the current year is to be paid no later than the end of the current year. If a member fails to pay the membership fee before the end fo the year, her or his membership in the Czech Economic Society (CES) terminates automatically.

The fee should be paid to the CES' account (no. 1923626399, bank code 0800; in case of cross-border payment, the following identification should be used - IBAN: CZ88 0800 0000 0019 2362 6399, bank's SWIFT code: GIBACZPX), where the variable symbol is the member number (without this number, the payment cannot be identified). The member number can be obtained from the CES' administration (

How much is the membership fee

A. Students - 250 CZK, retired persons - 100 CZK
Student = a member who, for at least a part of the current year, is a full-time bachelor's, master's or PhD degree student. Retired person = a member whose main source of income, for at least a part of the current year, is her or his pension.

B. other - 500 CZK