If you are interested in organizing a CES seminar, please follow the instructions below:

Please send a proposal for a seminar to cse@cse.cz. The proposal must include the following:
a) Proposing party, home institution, position in it, link to a personal web page
b) Name of the seminar
c) Speaker (speakers), short bio or link to personal web page
d) Presenter of the seminar, home institution, position in it, link to a personal web page
e) Annotation of the topic of the seminar (about 30 words or attachment of a background article)
f) Expected day and time of the seminar
g) presentation language: Czech or English
h) possible event co-organizers in addition to CES

Other important information for proposers of seminars 
Proposer is obliged to write a report of the seminar and send it within 14 days to cse@cse.cz, which will contain the following information:
- name of the seminar
- date and place of the seminar
- possible co-organizers
- speaker (speakers) and their home institution
- approximate number of attendants
- description of the seminar of about 200-500 words

The record will be included in the next issue of the CES Zpravodaj.

The proposer (who may be a speaker or presenter) is fully responsible for the participation of the speaker and presenter and for the content of the seminar.

A building and a room for the seminar are usually provided by CES. In Prague, it is usually in CERGE-EI Building, Politických vězňů 7.

The role of the presenter is to briefly introduce the speaker (speakers), possibly the topic, and guide the final debate.

When deciding on (not) organizing the proposed seminar, the CES management pays attention to the compliance of the seminar with the CES mission described in the CES Statutes.

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