08th biennial conference 2014

Submissions of completed papers in English are welcomed by October 10, 2014. The submissions should be sent to cse.conference2014@gmail.com together with the application to the conference. There is no submission fee. The papers in any area of economics and finance are welcomed. The papers will be selected and divided into thematic sessions by the conference programme committee chaired by Jan Hanousek. The presenters may be asked to serve as discussants. Researchers are invited to submit papers irrespective of their institutional and geographical affiliation within or outside the Czech Republic. The conference fee is 1000 Czech crowns. For early registration until October 25, there is no conference fee for the Czech Economic Society members. Institutional members may nominate up to five delegates for free.

Roman Horvath, Chair of the Czech Economic Society

Jan Hanousek, Chair of the Programme Committee

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Program-sections.pdf (30.12.2018)

11th Biennial Conference of the Czech Economic Society - May 17-18, 2021 in Prague

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The CSE Prize goes to Prof. Ing. Lubomír Mlčoch, CSc.

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The Young Economist of 2020 Award

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