The Czech Economic Society calls for submission of proposals of candidates to be awarded the CES Prize for Long-Term Contribution to Development of Czech Economic Learning. The proposal must be submitted by filling out the nomination and must include a brief but concise justification including a description of the contribution of the proposed candidate to the development of economic learning. The Prize may also be awarded to a group of economists with a non-divisible contribution.

Please submit your proposals by 10 October 2020 to the email address

CES management board will consider your proposals at its autumn meeting and the considerations will be governed by the Prize Statutes. CES members are entitled to submit proposals for the Prize award. The CES management board only considers them if at least one board member identifies with them. The Prize giving ceremony will take place at 11th biennial conference of CES in Prague, 5th December 2020. The Prize giving ceremony will also include a lecture of the freshly awarded economist.

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CES Prize for Long-Term Contribution to Development of Czech Economic Learning

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