Support of education at primary and secondary schools

In accordance with its Statutes, the Czech Economic Society seeks to be active in the area of strengthening financial and, more generally, economic literacy. So far CSE has focused mainly on education of children and youth in schools.
The main activity in this area is the project Experts to schools, whose ambition is to acquaint secondary school students in the Czech Republic with current economic events from the perspective of recognized Czech economists from the ranks of university pedagogues and financial experts. The aim is to introduce secondary school students to economics in practice and to motivate them to study at universities with an economic focus.
CES member Michal Skořepa, together with his wife Eva, is the author of pair of educational texts Financial and Economic Literacy (three samples from the text - see below on this page). This pair of teaching texts, which was the first on the market complying not only the current but also to the prepared version ("Financial Literacy Standards") of the relevant parts of the Framework Educational Programme, was supported and recommended to the schools by the Czech National Bank in the context of its legal responsibility for protection (and therefore education as well) of consumers in the financial market. Both textbooks are meant primarily for teaching an economically oriented part of civics or for teaching a separate subject focused on financial and economic literacy. In addition to schoolchildren, also children's parents and other adult readers may use both books or a teachers 'manual in order to enhance their financial and economic literacy.

On the CES website, schools and others who are interested can download the Apple Cup tutorial software simulating market operation and also some tools for teaching financial and economic topics
CES has been participating for a long time in the Working Group on Financial Education. This group, working under the authority of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, created "Strategy of Financial Education".

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